September 2016
P & P Movers did a great job of moving my furniture and belongings. They gave me a fixed quote after personally coming to have a look at the job and followed up on this in a professional, non-intrusive manner. On the day of removal they arrived exactly at the time I'd arranged. They made everything easy and took great care when loading and unloading; especially when putting my belongings into storage. They made sure everything was stored…

A stress free move!

We specialise in moving the contents of houses, units, duplex’s, townhouses etc.
Difficult access is never a problem for P & P Movers. Please note in the quote form about your access that is whether there is stairs, any incumberances , the distance to the truck just to name a few. I will talk to you about your access aswell. We give you a free quote for residential moves. Please let us know of any changes prior to moving day.
Dismantling and assembling beds, reconnecting your washing machine and fridge or rearranging your furniture for the best fit is what we do for you. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations.