February 2016
Big thankyou to the brothers of P and P movers. What a lovely couple of guys, they took so much care with all my furniture, both had big smiles and big muscles, from the start of the job, to the finish, nothing was to heavy or to small. I recommend P & P movers to anyone that is looking for removals, they are young, happy and get the job done. There was no stress. Next time i move,…

Tips & Advice when Moving House

  • Have a sufficient sized esky to contain frozen food and to avoid food waste.
  • Defrost fridge and empty water catch found at the bottom of the fridge. This will avoid any potential water spills and or injury to the removalist during the move.
  • If you have any pets, especially friendly dogs, keep them at a safe distance from the removalists to avoid them from getting in the way.
  • Leave important items ie kettle, toaster, keys and wallet in one area unpacked. These items will come in handy on the morning and the day of the move.
  • Moving time is a good time to decide what furniture stays or goes. If you haven’t used a piece of furniture or opened those boxes both found in the garage since your last move, it begs the question. Do you really need them?
    Charitable organisations would gladly be of service, or if some money needs to be generated to help pay for the move, try gumtree’s free for sale listings.